Support for Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew Helpline

Service available to all Cabin Crew members who feel the need to obtain support in times of emotional crisis or to deal with specific difficulties they are facing.


Monday to Friday -  09h am to 7h pm

What is the Cabin Crew Helpline?

An innovative psychosocial support program for Cabin Crew

 The pandemic as deeply changed people’s life at all levels, however, as it is publicly known, aviation is one of the most affected sectors and a lot of Cabin Crew find themselves in particularly hard situations. The great loss of income, the uncertainty about the future, the need to adapt to change, and the social isolation generates a psychological pressure than can be very hard to deal with.

With this reality in mind the Portuguese Association of Cabin Crew (APTCA) and National Union of civil aviation flight personnel (SNPVAC), created the “Cabin Crew Helpline”. This psychosocial support program, has as mission, not only to minimize the impact triggered by the pandemic crisis of COVID-19, but also help Cabin Crew to deal with pre-existing problems in the daily life of our Associates, providing specialized support and guidance at a Psychological, financial, familiar and professional level.

This service is available to all Portuguese Cabin Crew, and foreigners based in Portugal, members APTCA and SNPVAC, that may feel the need to get support, not only to deal the most diverse needs that they might be facing but even at Psychological level in moments of emotional crisis.

The attendance of CCH will be made by Psychologists team highly specialized and experienced in aviation, and it is completely confidential. We assure that everyone that needs this service will be heard and will find an adequate answer, of emotional support or any other kind of support covered by CCH.

The Cabin Crew Helpline is available from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 7 pm Lisbon time.

Please contact one of the following institutions if you need more information:

Avenida Almirante Gago Coutinho, 90 | 1749-039 Lisboa

Telephone: 218 452 020

Phone number : 938 466 745

or 939 572 023

Email:  or

Avenida Almirante Gago Coutinho, 90 | 1700-031 Lisboa

Telephone: 21 842 4000  

Fax: 21 842 4009